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GD4 Announces DLA Lab Suitability and QTSL processing in our Largo, FL Location!

GD4 announces DLA Lab Suitability and QTSL processing in our Largo, FL location.  This approval further exemplifies GD4’s commitment to quality and our customer satisfaction.  Having our second site approved for DLA processing will enable our local customers the ability for quickened delivery times, and allow further internal resources for processing DLA material, thus allowing…
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Continued Successful Completion of DLA/QTSL Audit!

GD4 Test Services, Inc., announces successful completion of surveillance audit by the DLA for it’s participation in testing for the QTSL program and continued lab suitability listing.  GD4 has been a proud member of this program for over 5 years providing test services to the DLA and participating distributors, including full functional electrical testing, solvent…
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New Version of MIL-STD-883

MIL-STD-883 set the standards for tests for microelectronic devices suitable for use within Military and Aerospace electronic systems. It includes basic test processes to determine resistance to the harmful effects of natural elements and conditions surrounding military and space operations; mechanical and electrical tests; and manufacturing and training procedures. Usage of the standard is mandated…
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