Our Goal

Tape and Reel Services Available

GD4’s Goal

GD4’s goal has been, and continues to be, to offer each customer quality deliverables. 

The primary deliverables we provide are simply answers; results of electrical testing and various processes delivered to you in a formal and impartial report. 

Each report identifies all findings of the material through its processing, total counts at each process step, associated visual examples, and engineering notes pertinent to the processes performed.  

We achieve our goal of quality by working to maintain transparency and an open line of communication through the entire process starting at the time of initial quoting. 

While quoting, we work with our customers to identify their specific needs.  If the customer knows the specifics of which services they want performed, we ensure the capabilities and the means to complete them are available in-house and then assure the customer. 

A document is then created, accordingly.  If inconsistencies exist of the ability to perform a customer’s request, a dialogue is engaged with them to discuss the issues and come to a mutually agreed upon course of action.  

 Processes & Specifics

All parameters for material being processed including any related standards being utilized and adhered to are clearly listed and outlined on our quotes.  This ensures our customers are well aware of the specific processes and procedures we intend to perform in advance. 

Commitment to Quality

With our commitment to complete transparency upfront, our customers are rest assured and fully aware of the status of their material through the entire process. 

They can make informed decisions regarding their devices and processing at all times.  

GD4 Test Services further maintains its commitment to quality by strictly adhering to our hard-earned industry certifications.

These certifications ensure all internal processes and documentations are evaluated on a regular basis in accordance with all industry management standards. 

GD4 also commits that the handling of all customer material processed in our facilities adheres to the ANSI / ESD S20.20 standard.  This eliminates the risk of any ESD damage to ESD-sensitive components.

Most importantly, we provide our customers with evidential documentation throughout their supply chain as we process their material. 

Our Certifications

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