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Continued Successful Completion of DLA/QTSL Audit!

GD4 Test Services, Inc., announces successful completion of surveillance audit by the DLA for it’s participation in testing for the QTSL program and continued lab suitability listing.  GD4 has been a proud member of this program for over 5 years providing test services to the DLA and participating distributors, including full functional electrical testing, solvent testing, heated chemical testing, XRay inspection, Decapsulation, and XRF inspection.

We are also proud to announce plans to bring our Largo, Florida facility into the lab suitability and QTSL program, with anticipated audits and approvals early this coming year, to provide continued enhanced support to all our nationwide customers, and local regional customers.

Please feel free to reach out to your present GD4 sales rep for any further information or requests for services, or at, or 512-535-1677.

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