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  • Electrical Functional Testing
    Electrical Testing is done to verify that the electrical components meet the manufacturer’s criteria.
  • Decapsulation
    Decapsulation is a process that removes the top layer of the part’ either chemically or mechanically and inspects the interior die.
  • X-Ray
    X-ray is a relatively inexpensive and non-destructive with minimal set-up and immediate feedback on the interior structure of a device.
  • External Visual

    Visual inspections are performed on all incoming material following IDEA 1010 and appropriate MIL-STD-883 standards.
  • Solderability
    The solderability of a surface is defined by its solder wetting characteristics.
  • C-SAM
    The CSAM (Confocal Scanning Acoustic Microscopy) test is a nondestructive check for device delamination. This test uses ultrasound waves to detect changes in acoustic impedance's within integrated circuits (ICs) and other similar materials.
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Our Mission

GD4 Test Services specializes in electronic component testing and authenticity validation.
Our solutions integrate manufacturer data specifications for each individual component.
This ensures you a cost effective, efficient validation process for each unique device.

How Do I Know Which Electronic
Component Testing Process To Use?

With so many electronic component testing processes, it can be unclear which service is the best for your needs. What offers confidence on one part, may not offer any useful information on another. GD4 Test Services ("GD4") can streamline the testing process to ensure the best possible test plan is provided to our customers. GD4 aims to provide the highest level of confidence to you and your end user.

When creating a test plan, it is important to note that no single method of inspection can guarantee the functionality or authenticity of non-OEM traceable units. To ensure the highest possible degree of confidence devices should undergo multiple levels of analysis. Electrical testing can confirm whether or not a device is functional, while procedures like marking permanency and die identification aid in certifying the conformance to manufacturer standards.

Together, the findings of each process performed work as a map to determine the level of reliability of tested devices. When positive results are seen across multiple procedures, a confident determination in the quality and reliability of the material can be made. GD4 employs a diligent sales team that is well versed in the testing processes and the needs of the end user. Reach out today for a quote or for more information on the various services we provide please visit or call 1-512-535-1677