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Our Services

  • Electrical Functional Testing
    Electrical Testing is done to verify that the electrical components meet the manufacturer’s criteria.
  • Decapsulation
    Decapsulation is a process that removes the top layer of the part’ either chemically or mechanically and inspects the interior die.
  • X-Ray
    X-ray is a relatively inexpensive and non-destructive with minimal set-up and immediate feedback on the interior structure of a device.
  • External Visual

    Visual inspections are performed on all incoming material following IDEA 1010 and appropriate MIL-STD-883 standards.
  • Solderability
    The solderability of a surface is defined by its solder wetting characteristics.
  • C-SAM
    The CSAM test is a nondestructive check for device delamination. This test uses ultrasound waves to detect changes in acoustic impedances in integrated circuits (ICs) and other similar materials.
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Our Mission

GD4 Test Services specializes in electronic component testing and authenticity validation. Our solutions integrate manufacturer data specifications for each individual component. This ensures you a cost effective, efficient validation process for each unique device.