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About GD4

GD4 Test Services, Inc. (“GD4”) was formed in 2007 by a group of engineers.  The original concept of the organization was to provide electrical/functional testing on a project level with various semiconductor companies in the Austin, Texas area.  

From its inception, GD4 began to recognize the requests and needs for component level testing from a variety of companies and markets on a small-scale per lot basis. 

From these humble beginnings, GD4 Test Services, Inc. has progressed into a streamlined and versatile test lab with three strategically placed U.S. facilities: Austin, Texas; Largo, Florida and Yaphank (Long Island,) New York.

We offer a robust list of capabilities geared toward the concept of quick, efficient component screening for authenticity, functionality, counterfeit mitigation, along with associated back-end services.  

Mission Statement

It is the policy of GD4 Test Services, Inc. to supply products and services to our customers that meet or exceed their requirements along with all statutory and regulatory requirements.

We fulfill this commitment through the application of continual improvement in our business and manufacturing processes.

We further commit ourselves to ethical business practices, which include health, safety, environmental and moral responsibilities.

Our Test Labs

GD4 has grown from a modest 2-person partnership starting in a garage to more than 50 employees operating in Texas, Florida and New York collectively.

Each satellite test lab contains at least 7,000+ sq. ft. of production space, while our test lab at our headquarters in Austin boasts well over 10,000 sq. ft.   Our technical staff has over 75 years of combined electronic component development, design, and test experience.   

As we continue to expand and evolve, GD4 continually positions itself to do so in parallel with its customers’ needs. This allows us to offer services pertinent to the often updated component screening requirements of the industry. 

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