Why Choose GD4

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Why Choose GD4?

There are a variety of test houses/labs in the U.S. and worldwide.  The distinction between a test house and a test lab (GD4 being the latter) is primarily the volume and focus each accepts in regards to testing material.   

A large test house will typically be geared toward processing and testing higher volumes of product per lot (10k, 100k, 500k, etc. sized lots.) They may have automated handlers to cycle product through testing, custom test fixture set ups and higher-end test equipment.  
At a large test house, many thousands of dollars and man-hours have been spent in procuring and building custom hardware and software to process these large lots.   

On the other hand, a test lab generally handles smaller lots including a variety of package/device types and various tests with related back-end processes.

GD4 is fully capable and equipped to process a higher volume of lots (small to medium) with agility relative to a big test house.  

 Customer Base

Our typical customer base are users (brokers, distributors, end users, etc.) who require electrical test validation and other applicable back-end testing and services as required.

Contact us now for a customizable quote at Sales@gd4test.com, by calling 1-512535-1677 or simply click on the immediate link below. 

The Process

For a large test house to build/develop set-ups, it would entail and incur high development NRE (non-recurring engineering) costs which are passed on to you, the customer.  An NRE is a one-time cost required for the research and determines how much a device to be tested will cost.

Test labs such as GD4 are better equipped to handle these small volume requirements in a quicker, more cost-effective manner.  

GD4 utilizes a variety of test and related equipment.  With our diverse engineering background and custom built/designed setups, we are able to process lots utilizing both hardware and software already onsite and pre-configured for specific package types. 

With minimal customization to the specific device type, we maneuver quickly to develop and release test routines in order to process customer material efficiently. 

These methods allow GD4 to offer our customers test and related services with quicker turn times in a cost-effective manner when compared to the competition.  

GD4 Testing Process
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