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New York Test Lab Open – Moving GD4-Ward

GD4 Test Services, Inc. (“GD4”) is proud to announce we have successfully acquired our latest ANSI / ESD S20.20 Certificate for our newest location, Yaphank, New York on Long Island.   As an independent, privately owned electronic component test lab, it is imperative for a lab like GD4 to possess such a certification.  It informs potential and existing clients of our continued dedication to the safety and handling of their components during receiving, testing, servicing and shipping.  

At the slightest level, any amount of electrostatic discharge (ESD) can be harmful to an electronic component if not handled properly.  Here’s an example of what an electrostatic discharge can do to a component when someone does not take the time to utilize the proper protective equipment and precautionary steps to avoid such a discharge.

Our newest ANSI / ESD S20.20 Certification testifies to the fact that GD4 Test Services adheres to the highest level of ESD safety management in all our test lab locations; Austin, Texas; Largo, Florida and now, Yaphank, New York.

For more information regarding all of GD4 Test Services’ capabilities, certifications and locations please call 512-535-1677 or email your inquiry to Or, fill out a “Request for Quote” on our RFQ page:

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