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Counterfeit Screening: What are my options?

GD4 Test Services Inc. has continued to expand the ancillary services we offer every year. We have some of the most extensive electrical capabilities around, but did you know we also offer other counterfeit screening tests such as C-SAM, Gross Leakage, and XRF (RoHS) and much more?

GD4 provides C-SAM analysis as a non-destructive means of checking for device de-lamination. This test process can help in counterfeit screening as well as determining device longevity. This test uses ultrasound waves to detect changes in acoustic impedance in integrated circuits (ICs) and other similar materials. Pulses of different frequencies are used to penetrate various materials to examine sample interiors for voids or de-lamination. C-SAM can be used to detect die surface de-lamination or metallization burnout. It can also be used to evaluate Die attach integrity, heat spreader adhesion, or solder bump quality. This process will help to ensure the longevity of your tested devices.

GD4 has enhanced XRF analysis capabilities; include RoHS verification and/or complete elemental breakdown. Using the Oxford Scientific XRF solution, we have the capability to identify the detailed metal composition of complete components and assemblies, as well as spot analysis on specific regions of the components. XRF is a great counterfeit screening process, because it reveals the full metal content of the leads to show any re-tinning or lead work the parts may have undergone.

GD4 also offer gross and fine leakage analysis testing. Leakage in this context refers to the free movement of moisture and gases to and from the package cavity through openings that an otherwise perfect hermetic seal wouldn’t have. This can result in internal corrosion and parametric shifts due to moisture effects. Gross Leakage testing can be a powerful tool to sellers and buyers of IC components to ensure the best quality of their parts.

For more information regarding the many component test options we offer please contact our Sales Department at GD4 Test Services and visit our website for breakdowns of each process.

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