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GD4 Test Services Inc is OPEN for Testing

With closures continuing across the US due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to ensure you that GD4 Test Services, Inc is still open and running at full capacity. We are prepared to safely handle all your testing needs during this difficult time and have no plans in disrupting operations. Both our Austin, TX and Largo, FL locations will remain open pursuant to the government’s mandate issued instructing ‘critical businesses’ to remain functional, per:

UPS and FedEx have confirmed to be essential businesses during this period as well and will continue to pickup and drop-off material as standard. Our shipping and processing of customer material will not be affected. You may continue to send in material as both of our locations will continue to run at full capacity.

That said, we want you to be aware of the extra precautions our team is taking to ensure that our staff, you, your family and your community stay safe. We are following all CDC recommendations as well as the listed below:

  • Each station and common areas are sanitized throughout the day. This includes phones, equipment, door handles etc.
  • All employees who have the ability to work from home will do so. The remaining staff is maintaining safe social distancing as necessary through processing and self-isolating and staying home during off-hours, except for essential errands.
  • During processing, gloves are to be changed repeatedly through the day.

As the situations surrounding COVID-19 continue to change and evolve, what won’t change is our commitment to our customers and standards. We will continue to update you should anything affect business as usual. But under the governments guidelines, we will remain open and functional during these trying times. If you have any questions regarding processing, shipping material, or are in need of a quote for testing, please reach out to your personal sales representative or call (512) 535-1677.

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