GD4 Is Now ISO 17025 Certified For AS6081 & AS6171

GD4 Test Services, Inc. - Our Florida lab has joined our Austin Headquarters and we have now completed our ISO 17025 certification for lab testing to AS6081 and AS6171. This attained accreditation allows both our facilities to test for a multitude of services including: Electrical Test, Visual Inspection, Decapsulation, XRF, X-ray, Thermal Temperature Cycle, Solvent/HCT testing, and more to the AS6081 and AS6171 standards.

AS6171 is a standard for test laboratories to identify suspect counterfeit parts. It provides uniform requirements and test methods making it more rigorous than AS6081. In order to test for AS6171, test labs must be ISO 17025 certified to that industry standard. Many labs are not, but currently both our Austin, TX and Largo, FL labs are now prepared, further showing our commitment to quality service and testing for our customers locally and worldwide.

If you need assistance in formulating a test plan or If you have questions regarding any of the industry standards of testing, our sales team works side by side with our engineers and are well versed to assist with any inquiries or requests you may have. Feel free to contact our sales department directly at or by calling (512) 535-1677.   You may also wish to fill out a “Request for Quote” here:

We look forward to assisting you in the near future and we will continue to prove why GD4 Test Services, Inc should remain your number one test house!

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Please review some of the many standards we adhere to below, or visit

1.            ISO 9001:2015 – Certified

2.            AS9100 – Certified

3.            ISO 17025 – Certified

4.            AS6081 – Certified

5.            AS6171 - Certified

6.            ESD/ANSI S20.20 – Certified

7.            QTSL/AS6081 - Certified

8.            DLA Lab Suitability

9.            DOE / Honeywell Kansas City National Security Campus – Approved DCS first-tier supplier

10.          Honeywell “SPOC  419”- Approved

11.          IDEA-STD-1010

12.          MIL-STD-883

13.          MIL-STD-750

14.          JEDEC Standards

15.          Raytheon QNote Testing

16.          ERAI – Member

17.          SMTA – Member

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