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GD4 announces acquisition of increased HAST and Burn In capability!

Burn in testing is used to detect any problems while running your components for an extended period of time. Sometimes, a faulty device might not show malfunction until it has been brought to a certain temperature or placed under stress. Burn in testing is performed by powering up your devices, exercising them under extreme operating conditions in elevated temperatures and voltages, and leaving them to run continuously for a long period. Paired with our other functional testing, devices that pass this process should add to the peace of mind your devices will function in production use.

The Highly Accelerated Temperature/Humidity Stress Test (HAST) is used to synthetically age your devices and emulate long term use. Devices that pass this testing process should leave you with confidence they will be able to withstand the typical rigors of humidity, temperature, and time in operation in most environments. This testing was developed to replace Temperature-Humidity-Bias (THB) testing. The pressure and high temperatures used in HAST testing will cause faster deterioration and accelerate the corrosive effects of this previous test.  Thus, supplying another solution while drastically reducing the required testing time.

GD4 Test Services, Inc continues to grow to provide exceptional service and assist with our customer’s growing needs for functional and qualification testing. These two services are just another way we can help provide quality assurance, cost effective testing, and competitive turn times. For the many test services we offer please visit

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