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Congratulations! GD4 Receives GCC Level 1 Badge.

GD4 Test Services, Inc. (“GD4”) is proud to announce it has received it’s first Government Credential Contracting Level 1 Badge from The Catalyst based out of Huntsville, Alabama. Special thanks to Project Managers Leigh Christian and Tracy Junkins.

The Catalyst really knows their stuff. They have all sorts of great contacts and information that lends to your ability to better serve your company and its business dealings with the appropriate contacts at most of government agencies.

They frequently offer very informative classes and very accessible seminars to knowledgeable SMEs (Subject Matter Experts). Do your research and allow them to help you move to the next “level.” See what I did there? “Level 1 Badge,” eh? Eh? Okay, sorry. But, they will definitely assist you in improving your confidence in contracting with the appropriate points of contact at various agencies.

I believe it takes about six classes to get to the next level and earn another level badge. Best of luck and, by all means, please tell them Ken from GD4 Test Services sent you. Much appreciated.

Ken Rojas

Business Development Sales Manager

GD4 Test Services, Inc. / 512-803-3906

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