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GD4 Test Services, Inc. Added to ViaSat Approved Supplier List

GD4 Test Services is proud to announce its addition to the ViaSat Approved Supplier List. Our team at GD4 is dedicated to supporting the prevention of counterfeit material from entering the supply chain. GD4 joins 5 other material validation labs on the ViaSat ASL, and is approved to perform all electronic component testing services.

ViaSat is an international communication company that provides secure communication connection via satellite, broadband and wireless services. Maintaining strict application security remains one of the most important concerns for Military and Government suppliers. GD4 has a great deal of experience in testing material for these high-security applications, and in partnership with ViaSat, help to ensure that quality and security is maintained for all clients.

GD4 Test Services has two lab facilities in America that offer streamlined solutions to keep services at cost-effective prices and offer our customers efficient turn times. We continue to expand and gain approval to new standards and processes. Check out our website for a complete listing and documentation of all standards we are approved to:

For more information regarding approved testing please contact our Sales Department at GD4 Test Services.

GD4 Test Services Sales Team
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